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Thank you to all of our sponsors, speakers and guests who made this event a great success!
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Workshop Presentation Materials:
               Jennifer James, Global Readiness Program Director, Smart Cities Council
                Debbie Hughes, VP, Higher Education and Workforce, Business Higher Education Forum
                George Thomas, Global Director, Smart Infrastructure, Hatch 
Chip Finch, Operations and Strategy Manager, City of Norfolk
Mona El Khafif, Associate Professor, University of Virginia
Working Group Canvas Outputs ( Click to Open):
Virginia Smart Cities Council Readiness Workshop
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  1. Commonwealth actions to lower the barriers to entry for smart communities
  2. Use of smart community concepts to close the digital divide and make the benefits available to every citizen of the Commonwealth
  1. Identification of prioritized individual community needs
  2. Identification of common infrastructure needs across communities that are potential for synergies from state-level implementation
  3. Identification of short-term pilot programs that would add value to specific communities
  4. Recommended Legislative package for 2019 General Assembly/Administration
This Workshop builds on extensive work conducted over the past year by the Governor's Virginia Smart Communities Working Group. The second report from the Working Group can be accessed here, and the third "roadmap" report will be published prior to the Smart City Council Workshop.

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