CIT Connect helps “connect” small, innovative companies with federal, state, and corporate consumers of technology. Connect experts deliver unique and innovative value-add solutions – such as Startup Weekends, hack-a-thons and open competitions – to enable technology consumption, adoption and integration. CIT Connect’s customers cover local, state, federal, and corporate consumers across a variety of industries with emphasis in education, health IT, security, and mobile learning technologies.

CIT Connect Research Reports:

  • Trends in Workforce Website Design: The Future of Workforce Websites - Many states have begun to refresh their workforce websites to help manage the needs of users across the workforce spectrum and to provide them an intuitive and user-friendly place to access needed information. This report analyzes nationwide trends in consolidated workforce portal websites and provides key insights for state agencies to consider when developing integrated web portals.

CIT Connect Case Studies/White Papers:

  • Data Needs Assessment Project: Developing Data-Driven Success - CIT Connect provides a case study of a Virginia elementary school that shows how schools and teachers can use data in the classroom to create positive change.

  • Data Governance in Practice- CIT Connect provides an overview and set of best practices to help establish, implement, and mature an organization’s data governance program.

  • Academic and Career Plan Best Practices- CIT Connect analyzed the academic and career planning programs and practices at the state and district level in various states. Best practices were identified and summarized, and these represent key elements of a full-scale implementation effort.

  • Best Practices in a Teacher Evaluation Program- CIT Connect compiled and synthesized current research, conducted data collection surveys to establish the current status of teacher evaluation within the state, and conducted interviews with representatives of departments of education in a number of states and localities to identify nationwide trends and models and to develop best practices recommendations.

  • Mobile Learning White Paper- CIT Connect discussed the implications of mobile learning technologies and their role in shaping the current and future business landscape and offers standard best practices and mobile learning best practices.