Commonwealth Research and Technology Strategic Roadmap Industry: Aerospace

In November 2011 during the first iteration of the Research and Technology Strategic Roadmap, CIT conducted an assessment of statewide research priorities and opportunities; these strengths and priorities have not changed since the original report was issued. The assessment of industry sectors and subsectors considered regional priorities, statewide economic development initiatives, and industry strengths in light of the external climate and Virginia's capabilities; subsectors were assigned to one of three environments representing priorities established on industry criteria and he Commonwealth's strengths and priorities. It also took into account the potential for growth, commercialization, and job creation of various industries and research areas.
The Roadmap uses three separate perspectives to ensure a comprehensive view of the technology landscape - the Commonwealth Innovation Index, economic development priorities, and data-driven analysis of leading and lagging indicators. The iterative methodology uses a bottom-up (regional strategies) assessment of industry strengths and opportunities that is validated and refined by statewide economic development priorities. The resulting industry sectors and subsectors are then evaluated through a top-down (statistics-based) review designed to identify favorable industry climate and capability metrics. Conclusions drawn from this collection of data components have been used to asses industry and research areas that hold the best promise for growth and return on the Commonwealth's investment. The finding of this process support investment strategies in areas where there exists: favorable external climate and strong Virginia capabilities; strong Virginia capabilities and less favorable external climate; and favorable external climate and weaker Virginia capabilities. A full discussion on the industry approaches above can be found in the Roadmap document.
The Aerospace industry represents a less favorable external climate with high Virginia capability. Subsectors of this industry include, but aren't limited to: satellites, launch vehicles, unmanned vehicles, commercial space flight, and International Space Station and Spaceport support.
The following organizations have research priorities and capabilities in the Aerospace industry: