Governor Northam Announces Creation of the Virginia Founders Fund

Governor Ralph Northam announces the creation of the Virginia Founders Fund, a new seed-stage fund that increases access to venture capital in Virginia....

CIT GAP Funds Invests in Advanced Aircraft Company

CIT announced today that its CIT GAP Funds has invested in Advanced Aircraft Company (AAC), an aeronautical engineering and aircraft manufacturing company...


CIT’s GAP Venture Fund began deploying capital in mid-2005. The Fund invests in high-potential early stage technology companies accelerating their path to significant growth through active partnership and company development.


Reston, Virginia
CEO: Eric Koefoot
Company Status: Private
Investment Status: Current 
GAP Fund: GAP Tech Fund
PublicRelay is the premier PR software providing media monitoring and analytics for communications and marketing professionals. Known for its ease of use, superior data quality, and actionable information, PublicRelay delivers accurate business intelligence, drives proactive influencer engagement, and proves PR impact for the world’s most prominent corporations, associations, and government agencies.


McLean, Virginia
CEO: Arman Eshraghi
Company Status: Private
Investment Status: Current 
GAP Fund: GAP Tech Fund
Qrvey (short for “Quick Survey”) is an analytics platform that makes it fast and easy to automate the process of collecting and analyzing survey feedback from customers, users, employees, partners, investors, event attendees, consumers, association members and students - and then to drive follow-up actions.


Arlington, Virginia
CEO: Glenn Fox
Company Status: Private
Investment Status: Current
GAP Fund: GAP Tech Fund
RecruitMates is a recruiting marketplace where employers and a global network of elite recruiters engage to hire the very best talent.

Riff Digital

Blacksburg, Virginia
CEO: Drew Meeks
Company Status: ­­­Private
Investment Status: Current
Fund: GAP Tech Fund
Riff Music Messaging allows you to send a clip of any song along with an optional picture, drawing, or message to friends.


McLean, Virginia
CEO: Sam Aparicio
Company Status: Private
Investment Status: Current 
GAP Fund: GAP Tech Fund
Sales telephony platform for inside sales teams that helps sales reps click to call directly from their favorite CRM and their managers discover opportunities for coaching and performance improvements.


Richmond, Virginia
CEO: Sam Aparicio
Company Status: Active
Investment Status: Current
Fund: GAP BioLife Fund
RioGin is a biotechnology company in Charlottesville Virginia that specializes in solving peptide pharmacokinetics in order to generate new therapeutics with low dosage requirements (weekly administration) and little to no side effects.

Rivanna Medical

Crozet, Virginia
CEO: Giorgio Brusa
Company Status: Private
Investment Status: Current 
GAP Fund: GAP BioLife Fund
Rivanna Medical is a commercial-stage company that has developed a handheld platform of technologies based on medical ultrasound. A variety of applications are designed for intuitive needle guidance via affordable, smart-phone-sized devices. Initial FDA clearance includes guidance for spinal anesthesia.


Fairfax, Virginia
CEO: Kristin Muhlner
Company Status: Acquired by GXS 3/29/11    
Investment Status: Historical
GAP Fund: GAP Fund I
Hosted platform for distributed enterprise-wide technology and process rollouts.


Manassas, Virginia
CEO: Chris Etesse
Company Status: Private
Investment Status: Current 
GAP Fund: GAP Tech Fund
Scriyb is an education technology SaaS product company serving the K-12 and Higher Education markets. Its platform scales the intimate student-to-teacher setting to an online setting, using propriety algorithms that create ideal, walled-off groups that encourage students-helping-students while teachers synchronously broadcasting — more like FB Live or Netflix without plugins or downloads.


McLean, Virginia
CEO: Serene Almomen
Company Status: Private
Investment Status: Current
GAP Fund: GAP Tech Fund
Senseware supports data-driven decision-making by providing real-time, actionable insight on what is happening around us in buildings and cities.


GAP Funds portfolio companies are early stage companies with corresponding investment risk profiles; CIT assumes no liability for any investment by any person in any GAP Funds Portfolio company.