CIT GAP Funds Invests in Fend to Advance Cybersecurity Solutions for Critical Infrastructure

Company’s dual hardware-software approach provides a high level of security for critical assets

CIT GAP Funds Invests in Babylon Micro-Farms to Empower Sustainable Urban Agriculture

Entrepreneurs pioneer a new business model for accessible indoor agriculture through on-demand farming service using patented IoT technology.

CIT’s Virginia Founders Fund Invests in Curbside Kitchen to Connect Food Trucks with Building Owners

Platform allows building owners to integrate food trucks as an on-demand amenity, creating competitive edge in the challenge to attract and maintain tenants.


CIT’s GAP Venture Fund began deploying capital in mid-2005. The Fund invests in high-potential early stage technology companies accelerating their path to significant growth through active partnership and company development.


Norfolk, Virginia
CEO: Michael Umscheid
Company Status: Private
Investment Status: Current
Fund: GAP Tech Fund
ARCSys provides disruptive accounting software for specialized accounting standards such as the Allowance for Credit Losses. ARCSys also provides detailed business analytics and data warehousing reporting.


Charlottesville, Virginia
CEO: Joel Selzer
Company Status: Active
Investment Status: Current
Fund: GAP Tech Fund
ArcheMedX is a healthcare informatics and e-learning technology company that is transforming medical education through an agile, data-driven approach to online learning. The company’s award winning e-learning platform, the ArcheViewer, significantly improves competency and performance among healthcare professionals and currently powers hundreds of online learning activities for the nation’s leading healthcare organizations.


Reston, Virginia
CEO: Navroop Mitter
Company Status: Private
Investment Status: Current
GAP Fund: GAP Tech Fund
Enterprise-level, secure messaging platform.


Blacksburg, Virginia
Company Status: Private
Investment Status: Current
Fund: GAP BioLife Fund
BioTherapeutics applies computational modeling and informatics approach to accelerate the development pf disruptive, safer, and more effective therapeutics for inflammation and diabetes


Arlington, Virginia
CEO: Shavanna Miller
Company Status: ­­­Private
Investment Status: Current
Fund: GAP Tech Fund
Bloompop is a game-changer in an antiquated $9 billion flower industry still stuck in the stone age. Through unique technology platforms, Bloompop connects customers to sellers through each step of the floral buying chain in every state and city in America.

Blue Triangle Technologies

Mechanicsville, Virginia
CEO: Lance Ullom
Company Status: Private
Investment Status: Current
Fund: GAP Tech Fund
Blue Triangle Technologies improves the online experience by providing retailers proprietary SaaS-based Predictive Analytics, mapping page performance to online sales, calculating the ROI at optimum page speeds, and driving up revenues in real time with our conversion boost technology.

Brazen Technologies

McLean, Virginia
CEO: Ed Barrientos
Company Status: Private
Investment Status: Current
Fund: GAP Tech Fund
Brazen helps organizations create better engagement through chat-based online events. The world’s leading organizations use Brazen’s software platform to interact and engage with employees, job candidates, customers, students and alumni. The company is venture-backed and headquartered in the Washington, D.C. metro area.


Vienna, Virginia
CEO: Amy Nichols
Company Status: Private
Investment Status: Current 
GAP Fund: GAP Tech Fund
bThere is a management, streaming and editing platform for virtual reality and 360 video.  Our market consists of advertising agencies, videographers, media companies and real estate offices/companies.


Herndon, Virginia
CEO: James Quigley
Company Status: Private
Investment Status: Current
Fund: GAP Tech Fund
Canvas is a cloud-based software service and mobile app platform that enables businesses to replace expensive and inefficient paper forms and processes with customizable mobile apps for smartphones and tablets, with no programming or IT required. Canvas enables businesses to collect information using mobile devices, share and learn from that information and easily integrate with existing backend systems. Canvas also offers the first mobile business application library of its kind, allowing businesses from diverse industries to find mobile apps and forms specific to their needs.


Charlottesville, Virginia
CEO: Andrew Krouse
Company Status: ­­­Private
Investment Status: Current
Fund: GAP BioLife Fund
Providing patients with therapies for cancer and neurologic diseases through the development of drugs that selectively inhibit the T-type calcium channel (Cav3).



GAP Funds portfolio companies are early stage companies with corresponding investment risk profiles; CIT assumes no liability for any investment by any person in any GAP Funds Portfolio company.