CIT - The Center for Innovative Technology

Investment Criteria

A family of seed-stage equity funds capitalized through Virginia investment, CIT GAP Funds creates significant economic value for entrepreneurs, investors and the Commonwealth of Virginia by investing in pre-venture technology companies in the capital “gap." CIT GAP Funds seek a number of attributes in its investment opportunities.

Management Team

CIT GAP Funds invests in founders who have a made a full-time commitment to their business, demonstrate integrity, passion, coachability and creativity, and demonstrate a record of high achievement. CIT GAP Funds does not require that management teams will be fully-formed or that CEOs have previous entrepreneurial experience.

Investment Stage

CIT GAP Funds exclusively targets seed-stage, pre-venture investment opportunities with a clearly articulated business plan, in which our funds serves as a critical enabler of company growth. Generally, CIT GAP Funds invests 12-36 months in advance of a Series-A venture investment.

Investment Range

CIT GAP Funds initially invests up to $100,000 alone, or in larger syndication rounds, typically $500,000.  We finance specific technology or business development milestones that trigger a larger angel or venture capital investment. CIT GAP Funds seeks to participate in the earliest stages of company formation. CIT may participate in subsequent financings of portfolio companies.

Proprietary Advantage

Portfolio companies must have a proprietary advantage such as a unique technology development approach, intellectual property position or a difficult-to-replicate business model.


CIT GAP Funds invests in companies capable of generating returns aligned with the expectations of angel or venture capital investors. We look for evidence of large-scale buying power and the company’s ability to capture, rapidly grow and sustain a dominant market position and for technologies and services that can be economically produced and sold on a large-scale.

Geographic Focus

CIT GAP Funds invests exclusively in companies headquartered, and with an express desire to grow in, the Commonwealth of Virginia.

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