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CIT Connect’s State and Federal Practice provides short and long-term consulting engagements to a variety state and federal agencies. This dedicated service line draws on Connect’s twenty years of experience providing support to state and federal government and provides true value-add to agency clients.

CIT’s State and Federal Practice is built on five core principles:

  • Commitment to Mission: At Connect, we work to maintain and promote the mission of the client, their stakeholders, and the populations they serve in Virginia and beyond.
  • Understand Our Clients’ Needs: Connect’s state and federal work relies on a foundational understanding of each agency’s unique requirements.
  • Develop Customized Engagements: By leveraging our knowledge and best practices, Connect develops strategic initiatives tailored directly to the needs of the client.
  • Deliver Sustained Value: Connect works to ensure long-term client success by providing insight into emerging technologies and strategies for successful technology assumption.
  • Provide Outstanding Service: We seek to provide the highest levels of service and deliver a significant and sustained return on investment for all clients.

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Our Clients Include:

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