CIT Broadband

Who We Are:

CIT Broadband is the only resource in the Commonwealth that offers a “holistic” supply and demand approach to solving the broadband equation.  The current mission of CIT’s Broadband Program is to “accelerate the socio-economic growth of Virginia’s rural and underserved areas through the application and use of broadband telecommunications.”  This bold mission statement emphasizes the idea that the true value of broadband telecommunications infrastructure is derived from the applications that traverse its capacity, not the mere existence of the infrastructure. 


How We Can Help You:

Broadband Consulting Services
The CIT Broadband team has the knowledge, experience, methodology and tools to perform a comprehensive assessment of existing services, assets and infrastructure to guide the development of a strategic broadband plan for your community.  Our team leverages the Commonwealth’s proven Broadband Toolkit methodology in concert with Virginia’s broadband mapping data and broadband deployment planning tools to

  • Identify gaps in broadband service,
  • Identify key vertical assets that could address the un-/under-served areas,
  • Provide funding options for new infrastructure,
  • Define strategies for partnering with incumbent providers and
  • Document methods for addressing broadband awareness and adoption to improve utilization for all citizens.