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Broadband Touches Everything


Citizen engagement:  Guide local governments through the Strategic Broadband Roadmap and Toolkit to assess their citizens’ broadband utilization and aggregate demand.

Economic Development:  Using the Roadmap, work with all localities to gather current and future broadband needs from businesses and community anchor institutions to ensure communities are positioned to participate in the New Virginia Economy.

Innovation: Work with localities to bring fiber to innovation centers, industrial and business parks by establishing partnerships with broadband providers.

Education:  Conduct analysis, in partnership with Education Superhighway and Library of Virginia, of school and library connectivity in order to identify those in need of more capacity and to ensure reasonable pricing.

Public Safety: Leading outreach and data collection for FirstNet in every locality throughout the Commonwealth in order to educate and document Virginia’s public safety communications requirements.

Health IT:  Conducted annual assessments of Health IT implementation and utilization in Virginia to help decision makers assess gaps in coverage and better support Health IT initiatives.


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