Understanding the current state of innovation and shifts in the technology landscape requires expensive technical and business resources. Ignoring innovation increases risks associated with competitive pressure, solution obsolescence, and cost inefficiencies. CIT’s Connect service reduces these risks by providing a cost-effective service tailored to your organization’s requirements. With access to thousands of innovative companies, labs, and researchers, our analysts can efficiently identify relevant technologies, related companies, and advances in research and commercialization.

Connect Innovative Technology Integration

“Rome wasn’t built in a day,” nor is the integration of new technologies or processes into an organization. Successful implementations require comprehension and unified acceptance of goals, as well as clear progression management capabilities.

The Connect Team’s approach to technology integration projects recognizes that technology may be the least complex component of an installation with the fewest unknowns. The Connect process encompasses working with organizations to assess the spectrum of inputs into the development and implementation process, including:


Identify and gain input from key stakeholders before plans have been settled.


Understand policy impediments restraining technology use.


Assess underlying technologies and infrastructures upon which new implementations must reside.

Market Environment

Comprehend market and competitive pressures and dictate strategic and tactical technical and business decisions.

Connect Capabilities

Connect offers a range of customized services geared to maximize organizational efficiencies and effectiveness

Stakeholder Management

CIT works with clients to invite, listen, share, and engage stakeholders into the technology development and integration process.

Best Practices

The Connect Team will identify cutting-edge business processes based on extensive research and interviews with top minds and implementers in the field.

Market Assessment

The Connect Team will review current market offerings, challenges, and possibilities for your solutions based on extensive research and interviews with subject matter experts in the field.


Connect analysts engage clients to identify strategic and tactical organizational challenges and identify comprehensive business solutions and vector roadmaps to overcome inertial pressures and expand market presence.

For more information, you can view the CIT Connect Brochure.