Smart Cities Internet of Things Innovation Labs (SCITI Labs): Request for Innovators

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science & Technology Directorate (S&T) is partnering with the SCITI Labs team to prototype IoT Sensors, Platforms and Control Systems for DHS component users and emergency response/public safety personnel.  This effort focuses on extensive validation and go-to-market support through industry partners.  SCITI Labs creates an accelerated pathway to market through our Commercial First Innovation™ research, providing prototype funding and access to end users across the United States.  This initiative aims to have advanced capabilities commercially available to users by 2020 for initial technology areas and beginning the prototype process for later technology area additions, with market presence in 18-24 months.  The call for applications will be open for submissions during the period shown for each area. 


This is a rolling submission process during the open period; applications will be processed as they are received. Applications are open for the time periods indicated for each technology area, generally 30 days after posting, and final selection within 30 days thereafter.


The SCITI Labs team (CIT and partners Smart City Works and TechNexus) are seeking capabilities to support first responders and DHS component users in specific technology areas listed below.  Selected performers may be sequentially funded for up to three prototype and test/validation cycles over a period of 18-24 months.  The goal is commercially-relevant capabilities that are also ready as a minimum viable product for initial field validation with DHS users. 

Technology Areas:

For description of SCITI Labs technology areas click here.

  1. OPEN Sep 9, 2019 - Oct 18, 2019  Ground-Based Wildfire Sensors at the Urban Interface



Funding is potentially available in increasing amounts for successful applicants who continue through the prototype and testing phases.  The funding is intended to be consistent with three Quarterly Review demonstrations and associated documentation, with increasing capability at each review.

Evaluation Criteria:

Submitted concepts will be evaluated on the following criteria: ability for initial product to be available in a commercial market within the required schedule; mission fit; technology innovation; projected unit pricing; availability of non-Governmental revenue to support ongoing evolution of key technology (such as provided by adjacent commercial markets); company credentials; and other criteria as may be considered appropriate. Our philosophy as reflected in these criteria is “commercial-first”, a bias towards products developed for commercial markets that can be quickly adapted to meet the needs of the responder or DHS component user communities.

Application Process:

A simple form will start your application.  Click here for more details on the process.


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