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Session A B C D
Morning Keynote Elise Miller
Breakout Session 1

The Power of VLDS

Canada, Cummings, Deyo, Kang, Massa

VLDS in Application: Improving Virginia's Workforce System Using ROI Model

Gooden, Harper-Anderson, Thomas

Division Perspective: Student Information System Grandtees

Campbell, Carr, Dawson, Runkle, Uhlig

Data: Security and Technology

Goldschmidt, Ihrie, Schroeder

Breakout Session 2

Post-Completion Wages of Graduates: Early Career Outcomes

Massa, Strohl

Project Child HANDS: Virginia's Early Childhood Integrated Data System


Measuring Success: Using Scorecards to Drive Change for Workforce

Creamer, Kang, McKay

A Startup Perspective

Leslie, Mindus, Sran

Lunch Keynote Kathleen Styles
Breakout Session 3

A National Perspective: What Can VLDS Learn from Other Leading States?


College and Career Readiness

Garland, Jonas

Return on Investment: Understading the Returns for Workfoce

Harper-Anderson, Kang, Massa

A Guided Tour of Virginia's Data


Breakout Session 4

National Perspective on Workforce Data

Kang, Zinn

VLDS in Application: Teacher Preparation Programs and Bridging the Data Divide Between Agencies and Universities

Gooden, Thomas

Apps4VA Apps Updates

Gorman, Nolan, Sower, Starsman, Von Wald

VLDS Demo and Walkthrough

Goldschmidt, Parrish, Perry


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