Research and Technology Strategic Roadmap

The Commonwealth Research and Technology (R&T) Strategic Roadmap is a comprehensive planning tool the Commonwealth uses to help identify research areas worthy of economic development and institutional focus. It provides elected and other officials with priorities in key industry sectors that have commercial promise, that will drive economic growth in Virginia, and that may be eligible for funding through the Commonwealth Research Commercialization Fund (CRCF) and Virginia Research Investment Fund (VRIF). Beyond this, the Roadmap also helps inform and align organizations across the state, including public and private universities.

To accomplish the charge of establishing and updating the Roadmap, CIT was supported by the Research and Technology Investment Advisory Committee (RTIAC) and collaborated with numerous organizations and individuals to provide a critical evaluation of industry and research strengths and strategic priorities as well as economic development priorities. CIT also coordinated the December 2017 Roadmap update with the Virginia Research Investment Committee (VRIC). The December 2017 update and its Executive Summary as well as prior versions of the Roadmap are available under Documents in the right-hand sidebar. Effective January 1, 2018, the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV), became responsible for developing the Roadmap, with support available from CIT.