CRCF FY2019 Solicitation Resources

This page has been set up to provide applicants with additional information and resources to aid in a better understanding of the CRCF programs and processes, navigation through the online application portal, and tips to create strong proposals and budgets, among other tools. Via this page you'll be able to access instructional videos, register for webinars, access the FAQs document and sample materials, and explore presentations from the regional briefings held this fall across Virginia. The CRCF team is available for questions if you cannot find the answer within these materials via

Informational Video "Shorts"

CIT has prepared a series of topic-specific videos to aid you in understanding the CRCF program and the application and budget processes. Each video is short - ranging between 3 and 15 minutes - and is designed to provide guidance on some of the frequently asked questions or challenges applicants may encounter.

Live Webinar Recording

There are currently no live webinars scheduled. To view the full-length recording from the December 17 session on the proposal and budget components of your CRCF FY2019 application, along with Q&A, click on the link below. Content mirrors that from the second session that was hosted on January 8.

FAQs and Sample Materials

A curated list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) is available via the Documents widget on the top right-hand side of this page. Download the document for more information on the CRCF programs, definitions, content sought in proposals, and more.

Sample applications, including for the Letter of Intent (LOI), and a sample budget are available to download from the Documents box. Sample applications are not to be used for submission, but are available to give guidance on the questions you will see on the online form. All LOIs and applications must be submitted online. Click on the "Apply" button from any program page to submit your LOI. A sample proposal is not available.

Subject Matter Expert (SME) Evaluation Forms

Subject matter experts, or SMEs, perform the second stage of the CRCF proposal review process by evaluating projects' technical and commercial merits. Each program's evaluation criteria is available in the corresponding Guidelines, and the evaluation forms that will be used to assess projects this round are available via the links below. 

A list of SMEs that have supported the CRCF program in prior rounds can be found here.

Regional Briefing Recaps

The CRCF team traveled across the Commonwealth throughout October and early November to present the FY2019 solicitation and answer questions. Click "View slides" to review the presentation for the corresponding region.

Abingdon / Wise October 10 View slides
Blacksburg / Roanoke October 11 View slides
Richmond October 15 View slides
Williamsburg / Norfolk October 16-17 View slides
Fredericksburg October 18 View slides
Northern Virginia October 22 View slides
Charlottesville October 23 View slides
Harrisonburg October 23 View slides
Danville October 29 View slides
Sweet Briar / Lynchburg October 30 View slides
Prince William County November 1 View slides