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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Project Planning, Cost Estimating & Mangement for Early Stage Contractors

09:00 AM - 01:00 PM

This event imparts both practical processes and real-world tools needed for any Project Manager to create a “locally-controllable PM culture” to take control of their project’s destiny.

Projects are defined as “discrete work packages with set goals, specific periods of performance and limited budgets.” Often these occur as a result of a special need that does not fit neatly into an organization’s mainline operating structure, or as the result of receiving a contract from an outside funding source, or other reasons. Whatever the genesis of the project, proper planning, cost-estimating and effective control mechanisms are universal – and critical to success.



• how to craft/implement a “PM Culture”

• how to plan a series of serial and parallel tasks to get the job done

• how to set up for successful a team effort

• how to accomplish a proper cost-estimate with minimal errors

• how to determine manpower, material, travel and other direct costs

• how to level-load labor requirements to avoid bottle necks

• how to establish usable project monitoring systems

• how to quickly identify tasks that are in need of remedial action

• how to set up, and track, remedial actions

• how to properly use the primary tools of project planning/management

• how to handle the trouble spots

• how to deal with subcontractors and consultants

• and much, much more


Poor planning results in failed projects, corporate politics results in failed projects, requirements-creep results in failed projects, inability to inspire, lead and empower support resources results in failed projects, etc. Here you will get the understanding and useful tools needed to subdue all those anti-project forces, provide success for you organization and enhance your Project Management career.  



Robert Brooke, 703-689-3080


Event Location:

Vrginia Beach Economic Development Offices

4525 Main Street

Suite 700

Virginia Beach, VA 23462



  • Viriginia based Small Tech Firms & University Researchers: $65 (full day session)
  • Non Virginia Based Tech Firms & Univesity: $150 (full dady session)



























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