Hosted platform for distributed enterprise-wide technology and process rollouts.  [More]
Location-Based Services (LBS) platform for time-specific public alerting and content delivery  [More]
Gradient ion beam deposition process for optical and semiconductor device production.  [More]
NBE Technologies, LLC is a manufacturer of proprietary nanomaterials for joining semiconductor chips and electronic components. NBE’s nanoTach® product line in the form of nanosilver paste can significantly improve thermal, electrical, and high-temperature performance and reliability of electronic systems. NBE’s products are sold to major electronic companies in North America, Europe, and Asia for applications in automotive electronics, telecommunications modules, and LED lighting products.
Provider of a real-time electrical distribution load monitoring and power quality measurement system.  [More]
Hosted trade management platform.  [More]
ADI Engineering

Charlottesville, Virginia
CEO: Steve Yates
Company Status: Acquired
Investment Status: Historical
Fund: Commonwealth Energy Fund (CEF)
ADI Engineering is a leading provider of custom Intel-based products for networking, communications, data center, wireless and Internet-of-Things markets for OEM customers. Using our "OpenIP" computing solution model, we accelerate our customer's time to market by supplying market-ready platforms and quick-turn design & manufacturing services for broad scale embedded computing applications.


McLean, Virginia
CEO: Matt Carlson
Company Status: Private
Investment Status: Current
GAP Fund: Commonwealth Energy Fund (CEF)
Aquanta produces eco-friendly solar hot water systems provide hassle-free, affordable domestic water heating.


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