Message from CIT President & CEO Pete Jobse

Welcome to the Center for Innovative Technology (CIT) website. As the president and CEO of CIT, it is my privilege to lead this unique non-profit corporation that accelerates innovation, research, and entrepreneurship in Virginia and our nation. Simply stated, we build an innovation economy that is globally admired.

I appreciate all genres of music and enjoy learning about the processes behind songwriting and producing. The music industry is experiencing significant transformation and disruption. Innovation in sound synthesis enables the imitation of any instrument from keyboard to strings, wind and percussion. Similarly, the barriers to becoming an artist have decreased with the advent of web-enabled, user-friendly, and sometimes free, software for composing, mixing, recording and editing. These innovations create new forms of music by providing more artists with access to tools that allow them to put forth their own work. Outlets on the Web like YouTube and Indie Shuffle give these artists the ability to share their music. This disruption in the industry reduces the importance of traditional record companies and outlets, creating opportunities for new independent artists.

We do something quite similar here at CIT. We identify and invest in startups with promising ideas and high-growth potential. These startups are our independent artists – they have disruptive products and just need a little help getting over their barriers to entry. Our MACH37™ Cyber Accelerator provides financing and capabilities to promising cybersecurity startup teams that will enable them to develop into strong companies. Our goal is to make Virginia the globally recognized destination for cybersecurity entrepreneurs. In addition to working with startups, we provide capital assistance to researchers with important projects so they can commercialize their research. We also have initiatives in expanding broadband across the state, improving electrical medical records, generating education reform, and facilitating effective data use, among many others.

We deliver the tools needed to enable innovation, and while these tools aren’t the software that enable artists to record or the platforms that let them share their music, these tools perform a similar function for startups and researchers: allowing them to produce their final product faster and more efficiently. So, the next time you’re listening to a hot new indie artist, think about the tools that brought you the music, and how other disruptive innovations contribute to preserving our global leadership and quality of life.