Smart Communities VA

Event Schedule

April 18 NTIA Webinar - "How Smart States are Using Innovative Techniques to Enhance Technology Use" 
April 27-28 VDOT SmarterRoads Hackathon - Virginia Beach
May 1 DHS Workshop/Showcase at CIT
May 7-9 Silicon Valley Smart City Week 
July 17-18 VDOT SmarterRoads Hackathon - NOVA
June 21 Smart City Works Spring 2018 Demo Day
July 19 VA Smart Community Working Group Rural Stakeholder Meeting
August 17-18 VDOT SmaterRoads Hackathon - Roanoke
September 5-6 COVITS 2018 - Richmond
September 28-29 VDOT SmarterRoads Hackathon - Fredericksburg
October 2-4 Smart Cities Week DC
October 23-24 Smart City Council Virginia Workshop
October 30- Nov 2 Governor's Transportation Conference - Norfolk


Program Overviews

Smart City Council 2018 Readiness Grant

Virginia was selected as a recipent of a Smart Cities Council 2018 Readiness Challenge Grant to build a framework for its multiple initiatives, including expanding broadband throughout the state; adopting interoperability standards; setting out a cybersecurity and privacy plan; and creating sustainable funding for smart projects. The grant program sought applications from across North America and selected communities that are looking to apply new smart technologies to improve community livability, workability, sustainability, and resilience. 

Virginia Smart Communities Working Group

Established by Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe in August 2017, the Virginia Smart Communities (VASC) Working Group develops best practices, policies, processes, and technologies to equip communities with the resources, support, and tools to become sustainable smart communities. With support from the Business-Higher Education Forum and the Center for Innovative Technology, the VASC Working Group convenes public and private sector experts to develop a strategy and propose recommendations for ways that Virginia can align, engage, and invest with smart communities across the state.

Smart City IoT Innovation Labs (SCITI Labs)

CIT has partnered with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) First Responders Group (FRG), Smart City Works and TechNexus to launch SCITI Labs - an effort to prototype internet of things (IoT) and smart city technologies for emergency response and management. SCITI Labs creates an accelerated pathway to market through prototype funding and access to first responders (end users) across the United States.  

Smart City Works Business Actuator

Smart City Works (SCW) is the world’s first business actuator and a premier business accelerator for improving livability and resilience in cities.  SCW's unique focus on the built environment aims to dramatically change the way we design, build, and operate civil infrastructure. 

Virginia Department of Transportation Hackathons

The Virginia Department of Transportation has launched the SmarterRoads Hackathon and Idea Jam series to help address Virginia's greatest transportation issues through the use of open data sets, including VDOT's SmarterRoads data portal. The Hackathon events will take place across the Commonwealth throughout 2018.