CIT GAP Funds Invests in Advanced Aircraft Company

CIT announced today that its CIT GAP Funds has invested in Advanced Aircraft Company (AAC), an aeronautical engineering and aircraft manufacturing company...

CIT GAP Funds Receives Regional Impact Award

CIT has been recognized by (ACG National Capital with the ‘Regional Impact Award’, for the CIT GAP Funds team’s 2016 contributions to the economic development...

CIT Invests in Tenant Turner, Inc.

CIT announced today that its CIT GAP Funds has invested in Tenant Turner, Inc., a full-service, SaaS-based leasing platform for residential property managers...


CIT’s GAP Venture Fund began deploying capital in mid-2005. The Fund invests in high-potential early stage technology companies accelerating their path to significant growth through active partnership and company development.


Vienna, Virginia
CEO: Todd Walrath
Company Status: Acquired
Investment Status: Historical
GAP Fund: GAP Tech Fund provides online search tools and content to assist families researching their senior care options.


McLean, Virginia
CEO: Kevin Yin
Company Status: Private
Investment Status: Current
GAP Fund: GAP Tech Fund
Visual User-Defined-Operating-Picture (UDOP) and Common-Operating-Picture (COP) on-demand based on big data visualization, amazing analytics, agile data correlation and dynamic collaboraiton - with just a web browser without any programming.

Soft Tissue Regeneration

Earlysville, Virginia
CEO: Joseph Reilly
Company Status: Private
Investment Status: Current
GAP Fund: GAP BioLife Fund
Soft Tissue Regeneration is a medical device company dedicated to developing breakthrough technologies for regeneration of soft tissue. STR has devloped the L-C Ligament®, a bioresorbable scaffold for the reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament (“ACL”) of the knee.

Sphynkx Therapeutics

Charlottesville, Virginia
CEO: Andrew Bolt
Company Status: Private
Investment Status: Current
GAP Fund: GAP BioLife Fund
SphynKx Therapeutics is a pre-clinical stage biotechnology company developing novel small molecule therapies for the treatment of renal disease.


McLean, Virginia
CEO: Michael Pratt
Company Status: Acquired
Investment Status: Historical
GAP Fund: GAP Tech Fund
Mobile security platform prevents corporate data breaches due to intentional or inadvertent misuse of mobile apps, thus enabling the use of employee-owned devices in the workplace (BYOD) and providing IT departments the tools necessary to safeguard corporate data.


Reston, Virginia
CEO: Tom Stroup
Company Status: Private
Investment Status: Current
GAP Fund: GAP Fund I
Location-Based Services (LBS) platform for time-specific public alerting and content delivery.


Alexandria, Virginia
CEO: Andrew Einhorn
Company Status: Private
Investment Status: Current 
GAP Fund: GAP Tech Fund
Synoptos is an information services company that measures and improves outreach and communications through data analysis of news and social media. Our software and consulting services offer clear ways to see influence, understand that influence, apply influence and grow your own influence.


Charlottesville, Virginia
CEO: Colin Rolph
Company Status: Private
Investment Status: Current
GAP Fund: GAP BioLife Fund
TearSolutions is developing a novel therapeutic for dry-eye.  TearSolutions lead product is a proprietary synthetic fragment of lacritin, ‘Lacripep’.  Lacripep is water soluble, stable in human tears for 16 hr, and equipotent to lacritin in cell protection studies.

Tenant Turner

Richmond, Virginia
CEO: James Barrett
Company Status: Private
Investment Status: Current 
GAP Fund: GAP Tech Fund
Tenant Turner, Inc. offers a full-service, SaaS-based leasing engine to property managers of single-family homes, condos, and small apartment buildings. It helps property managers reduce vacancies which accounts for $36 billion in lost rent each year. Furthermore, TT eliminates costly distractions and saves property managers 16 hours per listing, enabling them to better serve their current customers and grow their businesses.


Sterling, Virginia
CEO: John Czupak
Company Status: Active
Investment Status: Current
Fund: GAP Tech Fund
ThreatQuotient has developed an on-premise threat intelligence platform (TIP) that automates, structures, and manages all of your intelligence in a central analytical repository.



GAP Funds portfolio companies are early stage companies with corresponding investment risk profiles; CIT assumes no liability for any investment by any person in any GAP Funds Portfolio company.