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CIT's Federal Funding Assistance Program identifies and accelerates opportunities for Virginia's small technology businesses to obtain SBIR, STTR and other government contracts. As the leader of SBIR initiatives in Virginia, CIT will provide guidance, direction, training and valuable resources to enhance the competitiveness of your SBIR/STTR proposal strategy.

CIT Supports Virginia’s Phase I and Phase II SBIR/STTR Applicants:

  • SBIR strategy consultation and mentoring
  • Low cost Phase I and Phase II proposal training and review courses
  • Discounts with proposal consultants (proposal prep & proposal review)
  • Discounts on proposal preparation software
  • Referral to law firm for free IP and patent consultation
  • Discounts on federal cost accounting solutions and CPA services
  • Commercialization plan assistance
  • Intro to 3rd party capital
  • VC/Angel Capital “Readiness” review
  • Funding assistance to qualified first time Phase I and/or Phase II applicants to help pay for proposal development resources

SBIR/STTR Training Programs:

CIT hosts several low-cost SBIR/STTR training courses throughout the year to assist Virginia-based firms in their efforts to learn how to compete more effectively in many stages of the SBIR/STTR program. We encourage interested firms to take advantage of these training opportunities at the appropriate time as CIT puts significant costs into the planning and implementation of these events. These sessions include:

“How to Win SBIR Awards” – a full day training course ideal for anyone new to SBIR/STTR and/or those want to participate more effectively in SBIR/STTR and improve their win/loss ratio. It includes: Strategic Planning with SBIR, Marketing Ideas, Doing The Homework, Vetting Ideas, Agency Differences, Reviewer Psychology and an extensive Application Writing Session with Section-by-Section Analysis.

“SBIR/STTR Competitive Checklist Workshop” – a 3 hour session that reviews a “checklist” that is designed to address the key competitive areas of your proposal. Attendees will be able to make key adjustments to their proposal after this session in order to make a pending submission more competitive.

“STTR/SBIR Collaboration Session” – this full day event is typically hosted by a Virginia University once a year with a goal to present key issues involved with collaborative proposal development between small tech firms and university researchers.

“Virginia’s Annual Advanced SBIR Forum” – This full day session is held yearly to assist SBIR/STTR recipients in their efforts to effectively manage their phase I and increase their opportunities for Phase II and Phase III awards. Special panel presentations, sponsors, exhibits, and a multi-faced agenda make this Virginia’s premiere SBIR/STTR event each year!

National SBIR/STTR Training Programs – Two annual SBIR conferences (all agencies participate) and one annual NIH SBIR conference are typically held each year at different locations. There are also targeted SBIR conferences hosted by DoD, NSF and other agencies specific to their needs related to commercialization and transition efforts. See your agency for participation information.

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CIT Supports Virginia-based firms

CIT’s Federal Funding Assistance Program works exclusively with Virginia based technology firms in their efforts to win SBIR and STTR awards. There is no cost to participate in this mentoring program (there are small fees to attend various training courses however). Timing is important – contact CIT to learn more about the assistance available to you.