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March 2013
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Advanced SBIR Workshop, Funding Sources Forums, SBIR Proposal Prep, & DC Region's National SBIR Conference Approaching

Upcoming SBIR/STTR deadlines include: 


-DOD STTR, March 27, 2013

-NIH SBIR/STTR, April 5, 2013

-NIH AIDS SBIR/STTR, May 7, 2013

-DOD SBIR, June 26, 2013

-NSF SBIR, June, 2013


Upcoming SBIR Events: 

The Mid-Atlantic Advanced SBIR Workshop on March 13 in Herndon, VA is almost sold outOnly advanced topics for improved phase II and phase III transition will be discussed -- ideal for current phase I and phase II firms, and firms who want to better understand the programs' commercialization focus. Nine SBIR program managers from nine agencies will be in attendance to speak with. Special exhibitors will also be available to speak with to assist in your Phase II and Phase III efforts.   


A special "Tech Transfer Funding Source & Resources Forum" will take place in Hampton VA and Norfolk VA on April 17, 2013. Two locations to pick from! A tutorial on using SBIR/STTR as a method to transfer technology out of university will be featured, as well as panel discussions on other funding sources and local resources to facilitate tech transfer.  University researchers and small tech firms are invited to attend. Free to university researchers. 


A full day "SBIR/STTR Proposal Prep" workshop will be held in Norfolk, VA on April 16. 


CIT will be exhibiting at the Spring National SBIR Conference taking place in National Harbor Maryland May 14-16. 


GenEdge Alliance is hosting a Commercialization Workshop on April 9-10 in Charlottesville, VA.  A great way to put all the details about the market opportuntiy around your SBIR/STTR submission.  CIT's Federal Funding Assistance Program can provide small grants to pay for some of this session!


Complete details are below. See you out there!


Robert Brooke
Director, Federal Funding Programs
Center for Innovative Technology
Links for SBIR Training
CIT sponsors low cost SBIR/STTR training events across the Commonwealth.  Researchers should commit to traveling if necessary in order to attend the workshop that most applies to current needs and timing of future grant submissions.  

For a list of Virginia based SBIR/STTR Training, visit:

For a list of National SBIR/STTR Training, visit:



2013 Mid-Atlantic ADVANCED SBIR/STTR Workshop, March 13, Herndon, VA


"2013 Mid-Atlantic Advanced SBIR/STTR Workshop"

March 13, 2013, Herndon, VA

Almost sold out! 

This advanced SBIR / STTR workshop presents strategic advice to current and prospective Phase I and Phase II SBIR/STTR award recipients to better position themselves for successful Phase II and Phase III opportunities.   

Topics include: 

  • Implications of the New SBIR/STTR Rules
  • Patent Strategy Decisions:
    • Should I or Shouldn't I?
    • What is allowable and not allowable in the patent process for your SBIR/STTR? 
    • How should you proceed?
    • How do new laws impact your decisions? 
  • The SBIR/STTR Sole Source Advantage - Leveraging your SBIR/STTR to secure large federal awards
  • Securing Collaborative Partners for Phase II and III
  • Follow-on Opportunities for SBIR/STTR Awards
  • Managing Projects to Improve Your Follow-On Chances
  • Effective Federal Cost Proposal Development - Necessary for Phase II and Phase III
  • Technology Commercialization Challenges in the Federal Marketplace
  • Meet with several prime contractors to discuss collaborative efforts
  • Phase II and Phase III Planning  - Phase II and Phase III Planning Advice from 9 SBIR Program Managers:
    • John Williams, Navy SBIR/STTR Program Director
    • Cynthia Firman, NASA SBIR/STTR Program
    • Carl Hebron, Dept. of Energy SBIR Program
    • Frank Barros, Homeland Security SBIR Program
    • Ed Metz, Dept. of Education SBIR Program  
    • Steven Konsek, National Science Foundation SBIR/STTR Program 
    • Lenka Fedorkova, National Institutes of Health SBIR/STTR Program 
    • Dr. Shin Kwok, USDA SBIR Program
    • John Pucci, ARMY SBIR / STTR Program

Specially Selected Exhibitors Include:

  • Cherry Bekeart LLP -- Accounting Support for Phase II and Audits
  • Prototype Productions -- Prototyping for Phase II and Phase III
  • GenEdge Alliance -- Commercialization and Manufacturing Planning Support
  • Miles & Stockbridge -- Law Firm
  • SBIR Resource Center -- SBIR Proposal Development Assistance
  • CIT -- SBIR Propsal Support for Virginia SBIR / STTR applicants
  • CIT GAP Funds -- Seed Funding for Virginia companies
  • SBA Office of International Trade
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Boeing


Time:  8AM-5PM 



Center for Innovative Technology

2214 Rock Hill Rd., Herndon, VA 20170





Hyatt House Sterling/Dulles Airport-North - minutes from CIT

45520 Dulles Plaza, Sterling, Virginia, USA 20166

Tel: +1 703-435-9002

$135 per night: CLICK HERE


Seating is limited. Advance Registration recommended. 

Questions: 703-689-3080




This event is brought to you in part through a grant award from the US Small Business Adminstration.

SBIR Proposal Prep, April 16, Norfolk, VA


"SBIR/STTR Proposal Prep Workshop"

April 16, Norfolk, VA


SBIR grants (Small Business Innovation Research) and it's sister STTR grant program (Small Business Technology Transfer) provide $150K - $1.5M in early stage R&D funding as a set-aside for small technology firms and start-ups. 11 participating federal agencies use this program to fund early stage technology development that will help them solve their problems and meet their missions. $2.5B is available in this program, with the main purpose to commercialize the funded technology.


This session will be taught by Lisa Kurek of BBC Entrepreneurial Training & Consulting, one of the leading SBIR/STTR consulting firms in the US.


This One-day session provides detailed instruction on strategy and technical proposal preparation and is brought to you by the Center for Innovative Technology. CIT's Federal Funding Assistance Program works with Virginia based technology firms to improve your chances of winning SBIR/STTR grants. Training, mentoring, funding support, and more are part of this program.



-Strategic Planning - First, Do Your Homework

-SBIR/STTR program details

-Technological innovation and commercial merit - what this really means

-Strategies for targeting your proposal to meet Agency's mission and requirements

-How to do your intelligence work prior to writing the proposal

-Proposal Development -- Crafting a Fundable Proposal

-Planning tools for writing the proposal

-The SBIR/STTR review process - learn how to write the proposal to meet the reviewers' expectations

-Step-by-step process on how to write each section of a SBIR/STTR proposal

-Common problems and pitfalls and how to avoid them

-How Postdoctoral researchers can use SBIR/STTR to continue research as they leave the university

-Post-Award Administration - What to do once you learn you are going to be funded (and what to do next if you learn you are not) 



Virginia Based Technology Firms:  $80

Virginia based University researchers & personnel: $50

Non-Virginia Based Firms and university researchers:  $175



Conference Center at Innovation Research Park-2

4211 Monarch Way, 1st Floor, Norfolk, VA 23508



Robert Brooke, Director, Federal Funding Programs, CIT




This workshop is brought to you in part through a grant with the US Small Business Administration.

Tech Transfer Funding Sources & Resources Forum, 4/17/13 Hampton & Norfolk VA


"Tech Transfer Funding Sources & Resources Forums"

April 17 -- Two sessions to pick from

8:30AM-1:30PM, Hampton, VA

3:00PM-7:30PM, Norfolk, VA


This special session provides expert insights into funding sources and assistance available to facilitate tech transfer and company start-up efforts. Ideal for university researchers, Postdocs and start-up entrepreneurs!


Each session will include:


2 hour SBIR/STTR Grants Tutorial
Intro Overview of SBIR & STTR Grants and How University Researchers and Postdoctoral Researchers can Effectively Use SBIR/STTR to Spin-out technology from the university. Also an excellent intro for small businesses not familiar with SBIR/STTR.  Led by one of the leading SBIR/STTR consultants in the US.

-Lisa Kurek, Managing Partner, BBC Entrepreneurial Training & Consulting


1 hour Funding Sources Panel

-Sean Mallon, Investment Director, CIT GAP Funds (Seed Funding)

-Marty Kaszubowski, Co-Managing Director, Pixides Fund (Seed Funding)

-Nancy Vorona, Commonwealth Research Commercialization Fund Program Director, CIT (State Grant Funding)

-Mat Dellorso, (Crowd Funding) 


1 hour Assistance Resources Panel

-Tom Flake, Director, Peninsula Technology Incubator

-Zack Miller, Hatch Norfolk

-Robert Brooke, Dir. Federal Funding Program, CIT - SBIR Support

-Brent Edington, Director of Patents & Licensing, ODU (Norfolk Session)

-Bob Williams, Tech Transfer Director, EVMS (Norfolk Session)

-Jason McDevitt, Tech Transfer Director, William & Mary (Hampton Session)

-J.R. Locke, Director, Hampton University Business Incubator (Hampton Session)


Networking Lunch (Morning Session)

Networking Reception (Afternoon Session)



Virginia-based University Researchers & Personnel: FREE

All Others: $35

Registration Required by all attendees


TIMES & Locations-- Pick one:

  • 8:30AM-1:30PM-Hampton: National Institute of Aerospace
    • 100 Exploration Way, Hampton, VA 23666
  • 3PM-7:30PM-- Norfolk: Conference Center at Innovation Research Park-2
    • 4211 Monarch Way, 1st Floor, Norfolk, VA 23508



Robert Brooke, Director, Federal Funding Programs, CIT




This workshop is brought to you in part through a grant with the US Small Business Administration.

National SBIR Conference May 14-16 in DC Area


"Spring National SBIR Conference"

May 14-16, National Harbor Maryland

The National SBIR Conference will take place May 14-16 just outside Washington, D.C., at the Gaylord Hotel & Convention Center, National Harbor, MD.  The event is co-located with the National Innovation Summit and Showcase (NISS) and TechConnect World events (May 13-16, 2013).  TechConnect and NISS are designed to accelerate the commercialization of American innovation by providing the world's largest on-site matchmaking program with investors and corporate development partners and will attract 4,000+ attendees to its annual conference.  The SBIR event format efficiently combines all three events, and is the ideal opportunity to speak directly to those from the public and private sector looking to invest in innovative technologies. Registration is now open for TechConnect World, NISS, and the National SBIR Conference.  Visit to learn more about all the conferences and how to participate. 


DOD STTR Solicitation


Dept. of Defense STTR.A Solicitation 

  • Pre-release closed Feb. 24
  • Opened Feb. 25
  • Closes March 27, 2013

DoD STTR 2013.A

The DoD has issued their FY2013.A STTR solicitation with offerings from the Army, Navy, Air Force and DARPA. The solicitation opens and proposals will be accepted starting February 25, 2013 with a closing date of March 27, 2013 at 6:00am EST.The STTR program requires the small business to partner with organizations such as universities, contractor-operated federally funded research and development centers (FFRDCs) or other non-profit research institutions. The small business must perform at least 40% of the project, and a minimum of 30% by the research partner. The DoD has a Model Agreement for the Allocation of Rights that can serve as a guide. For reasons of competitive fairness, direct communication between proposers and topic authors is not allowed starting February 25, 2013, when DoD begins accepting proposals for this solicitation. The DoD STTR solicitation can be downloaded from their site at   

NIH SBIR/STTR Solicitation


HHS/NIH 2013 Omnibus SBIR/STTR Solicitation



The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) has released its PHS 2013-02 omnibus SBIR/STTR Grants solicitations that stays open all year and has 6 separate receipt dates, April 5, August 5, and December 5, 2013 for most topics and May 7, September 7, 2013, and January 7, 2014 for AIDS related topics.  This complex solicitation, includes opportunities from four main components of DHHS, including the largest portion from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for both SBIR and STTR, and SBIR only topics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Administration for Children and Families (ACF).


The NIH is comprised of many institutes, each with their own set of interests and topics. Although the technical topics are shared between their SBIR and STTR offerings, the rules and regulations are different and the NIH issues separate announcements for their SBIR (PA-13-088) which includes the other 3 DHHS components, and the NIH only STTR (PA-13-089).


The DHHS solicitation is grants based and requires registration and submission via the web site. It is a complex process but the NIH offers help and guidance on their web site at


More information is available at the NIH web site The actual funding announcement are at:

  • Closes Dates:  April 5, Aug. 5, Dec. 5
  • SBIR/STTR AIDS Closing Dates:  May 7, Sept. 7, Jan. 7 (2014)

SBIR Commercialization Planning Workshop


SBIR/STTR Commercialization Planning Workshop

April 9-10, 2013, Charlottesville, VA

SBIR proposals now require a well developed commercialization plan. Many times, the technology proposed is stellar and well explained in the proposal; however the commercialization plan is lacking or unfocused. Your result can be great ideas that ultimately are not funded. Approximately 20-30% percent of companies that apply for SBIR's are successful in receiving an award. Recent legislative changes and Federal budget cuts will make it more competitive and reduce a company's chances for a successful application. Agencies are requesting a commercialization plan for Phase 1 proposals that address the research strategy in Phase 2 as well as a plan for all Phase 2's... all in plain English, in terms of the problem the technology will solve.

GENEDGE's breakthrough approach will help your company communicate the benefits of your technology; how to clarify who is the customer and why should they care about your technology; and how to look forward toward next steps for commercialization. GENEDGE uses a proven system that starts with a one day interactive workshop covering the basics of how to clarify your ideas, determine market potential, and address death threats. On the second day certified Innovation Engineering Growth Consultants will utilize our Innovation Engineering Management System (IEMS) to accelerate your idea into a market ready concept.


Then over the next four weeks, the consultants provide targeted tasks to help your company deeply understand the current and future market environment. Each stage builds both passion and focus into your idea. For ideas that you really love, the concept can be independently evaluated using a scientifically based model. At the end of the consulting period, you will have built a high quality commercialization strategy for your unique concept, dramatically improving the odds of achieving funding success.


You must come with your topic in mind. 2-5 members of your company should attend in order to benefit from this high impact, collaborative project. All covered under one registration fee.  Location: 200 Ednam Drive, Charlottesville, VA 22903. Investment: *$1,499.00 per company. Funding Assistance From CIT: *The Center for Innovative Technology's Federal Funding Assistance Program provides assistance, mentoring, training and funding support for Phase I and Phase II SBIR/STTR submissions. Registrants who qualify may receive up to $1,000 in funding to attend this workshop. (Registrant must be first time Phase I and/or Phase II applicant, or with no prior awards). If interested contact Robert Brooke, Director, CIT Federal Funding Programs, (703) 689-3080 or


For additional details contact: Aimee McCarthy (804) 323-2226 x228, Also visit us online at

National NIH SBIR/STTR Conference


15th Annual NIH SBIR Conference -- SAVE THE DATE

October 28-30, Sioux Fall, SD


Stay tuned to and for an NIH Guide Notice in the coming months for the conference website with details about the agenda, registration, and all logistics.  NIH is pleased to work with the University of South Dakota Research Park, Inc. as host for the conference.

 Other Events of Note


Equity 101 Event Series

March 6, March 13, Sterling, VA

March 6 from 5:30-7:30 p.m. -- Bruce Gouldey, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Finance, Shenandoah University presents the Details: Decoding investor language. What is your company worth? Understanding your value. What's in a term sheet?

March 13 from 5:30-7:30 p.m. -- John Winn, JD, LLM, Associate Professor of

Business Law, Shenandoah University presents the Legal Considerations: Choose the optimal legal "entity" for equity financing. Learn how risk, taxes, leadership,governance and funding type factor into your business structure. Keys to structuring your partnership for equity financing. Location: George Mason University - Loudoun Site, 21641 Ridgetop Circle, Suite 210, Sterling, VA 20166. Cost: $25 each or $60 for all three sessions. Space is limited; register early!


USPTO Publishes First-to-File Rules


Training Session March 15, Alexandria, VA
The Patent and Trademark Office of the U.S. Department of Commerce published final rules of practice for implementing the first-inventor-to-file provision of the Leahy-Smith America Invents Act (AIA) that will take effect on March 16. The AIA is a major step towards harmonizing the patent systems of the U.S. and its major trading partners. The legislation will aid the U.S. government in the prosecution and enforcement of American patents in use across the global economy, as well as reduce the costs of filing for inventors and companies by simplifying the application of patents across multiple jurisdictions.


In a recent Fireside Hangout, President Obama called for the continued reform of U.S. patent law, stating that the Leahy-Smith Act made important advances but that further action was needed. President Obama cited patent trolls, as well as foreign companies that pirate U.S. intellectual property, as examples of intellectual property abuse that stifle American innovation and economic growth. The president announced he would make increased patent reform a priority of his second administration.

The USPTO will provide more information on the first-inventor-to-file final rules and examination guidelines at a public training session to be held on Friday March 15, 2013 at the USPTO's headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia.  The training session will be webcast.  Details on webcast access will be available on the AIA micro-site at


23rd Annual Procurement Conference

April 25, Washington, DC

The 23rd Annual Government Procurement Conference is a national conference fostering business partnerships between the Federal Government, its prime contractors, and small, minority, service-disabled veteran-owned, veteran-owned, HUBZone and women-owned businesses. Now in its 23rd year, the Government Procurement Conference has become the premier event for small business throughout the United States. For the second consecutive year, the event will be held at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC. This venue allows for a wider participation by both small businesses and the Federal Government. What is included in the attendee registration? Access to seminars, Access to exhibit hall - mix of small businesses, prime contractors and government booths, Opportunity to participate in Matchmaking sessions, Conference materials - conference program with contact information. This unique one-day event attracts more than 3,000 people including over 700 government attendees representing 50 Federal, State and local agencies, Prime Contractors with teaming and mentor-protégé opportunities, hundreds of small businesses, minority-owned businesses, women-owned businesses, Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Businesses, 8a businesses and HUB-Zone businesses. For more info and to register, go to






CIT Supports Virginia's SBIR/STTR Community:

CIT provides valuable assistance to Virginia companies submitting Phase I and Phase II SBIR/STTR proposals, including:

  • SBIR strategy consultation
  • Low cost Phase I, Phase II, and Phase III proposal training and review courses
  • Discounts with proposal consultants (proposal prep & proposal review)
  • Discounts on proposal preparation software
  • Referral to law firm for free IP and patent consultation
  • VC/Angel Capital "Readiness" review
  • Discounts and referrals for federal cost accounting solutions and CPA services
  • Funding assistance for select companies seeking their first Phase I and/or Phase II award (to help pay for some of the above services) -- pending application approval and availability of funds.

Contact:  Robert Brooke of CIT at 703-689-3080,  
CIT GAP Funds:


CIT's GAP Funds helps close the funding gap between "friends and family" and early-stage equity investment for Virginia-based technology companies. CIT's GAP Fund identifies and makes funds available to seed-stage technology firms with a high potential for commercialization, rapid growth and downstream private-equity financing.  Companies who have received SBIR financing may be strong candidates for CIT's GAP fund and/or other 3rd party financing. 


For more information, visit:  

Helpful SBIR websites for review:





Robert Brooke
Director, Federal Funding Programs
Center for Innovative Technology
2214 Rock Hill Rd., #600
Herndon, VA 20170