Virginia’s Innovation Dashboard (2014)

Tracking Virginia's Innovation Economy 

Welcome to the Commonwealth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Measurement System (IEMS), a web-based portal that uses key metrics and outcomes to track the performance of Virginia’s innovation economy.  Innovation is widely recognized as the premier path to economic expansion both domestically and globally – and it is clear that the drivers of innovation in our domestic economy are entrepreneurs of emerging, high-growth technology companies.  According to the Kauffman Foundation, a leader in advancing innovation and entrepreneurship, among “new and young firms, high-tech companies play an outsized role in job creation” (Kauffman Report, Tech Starts: High-Tech Business Formation and Job Creation in the U.S., 2013). 

The IEMS was established by the Virginia General Assembly to further the work of the Commonwealth Research and Technology Strategic Roadmap, which links funding for research commercialization projects to Virginia's strategic technology priorities.  It creates a dashboard and strategic path to new opportunities in the innovation economy using key indicators that can assist lawmakers, industry leaders and other stakeholders with determining public-private investment priorities and policies.

CIT acknowledges the important contribution of Chmura Economics & Analytics in preparing the IEMS.

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View a one-page version of the Innovation Dashboard: PDF