CRCF FY2017 Solicitation Preview

CIT is pleased to preview the CRCF FY2017 solicitation, identifying programs offered, eligibility criteria, and other high-level requirements. Approximately $2.8 million is available to award. The RFP is planned for early October and will include complete criteria, including program guidelines and application materials. CRCF staff will offer webinars and field questions regarding this solicitation once the RFP is released.

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The Commonwealth Research Commercialization Fund (CRCF) advances science- and technology-based research, development, and commercialization to drive economic growth in Virginia, create and foster high-potential technology companies in the Commonwealth, and to encourage and strengthen collaboration and partnerships between the public and private sector.



Industry Sectors

Applications submitted under any of the FY2017 solicitation programs must align with one or more of the following industry sectors.

  • Advanced Manufacturing, with particular interest in additive manufacturing, remote monitoring and sensing, and robotics
  • Cyber Security
  • Energy
  • Environment (water quality only)
  • Information Technology, with particular interest in data analytics
  • Life Sciences, including biotechnology
  • Unmanned Systems


A single solicitation will be offered in FY2017, with five (5) programs available for funding: Commercialization, SBIR Matching Funds, STTR Matching Funds, Matching Funds, and Eminent Researcher Recruitment.


Private Sector

Organizations may submit up to two (2) LOIs/applications and receive up to two (2) awards during this solicitation in any combination under the Commercialization and SBIR and STTR Matching Funds Programs.

Commercialization Program

The Commercialization Programs assists for-profit technology companies in Virginia in commercializing qualified technologies, products, or services that have a reasonable probability of enhancing the Commonwealth's national and global competitiveness. Applications must be for a proof-of-concept project, with the intent to validate the technology and enable commercialization. Projects are expected to focus on technology development, although the project may include market research and/or other technology validation.

Qualified applicants for the Commercialization Program must:

  • Have Virginia as the principal place of business for the firm and its CEO
  • Conduct the CRCF project in Virginia
  • Have received no more than ten (10) federal SBIR or STTR awards
  • Have received no more than $2 million in outside private investment (not including funds from family, friends, and/or founders) and had cumulative sales revenue of no more than $3 million since January 1, 2012
  • Provide a one-to-one match

Award cap: $50,000

SBIR and STTR Matching Funds Programs

The SBIR and STTR Matching Funds Programs accelerate commercialization of high-potential research or technologies by Virginia-based technology businesses that have received a recent SBIR or STTR Phase I or II award from a federal agency in qualified research or technologies. The programs support commercialization goals through technology development; market research and/or other efforts that drive company growth and economic benefits to Virginia may be suitable. SBIR and STTR Matching Funds awards also may fill the gap between Phase submissions and/or assist with commercialization activities not supported by the federal award. Each submission must be associated with a distinct SBIR or STTR award.

Qualified applicants for the SBIR and STTR Matching Funds Programs must:

  • Be a Virginia-based technology business that has received an SBIR or STTR Phase I or II award from a federal agency targeted at the development of qualified research or technologies
    • Phase I applicants may have received no more than five (5) federal SBIR and/or STTR Phase I awards
    • Phase II applicants may have received no more than ten (10) federal SBIR and/or STTR awards total: five (5) Phase I awards and five (5) Phase II awards
    • If the period of performance of the matching SBIR or STTR award is complete, it may have ended no earlier than January 1, 2016, and the applicant must be actively pursuing technology commercialization during this interim
  • OR Have submitted or plan to submit a federal SBIR or STTR Phase I or II application targeting the development of qualified research or technologies
    • in CY2016, for which an award decision has not yet been made or
    • in January 2017, for which the federal deadline is not later than January 31, 2017
  • Employ fewer than 12 full-time employees
  • Have at least 51% of its employees reside in Virginia
  • Have at least 51% of its property located in Virginia

Award cap: $50,000


Higher Education, Federal Research Facilities, and Other Research Organizations

For the purpose of this solicitation, a research center, school, department, institute, and/or other entity associated with a college, university, or other research facility is considered under the umbrella of that organization and LOIs/applications received by any of the aforementioned entities will count toward the maximum submissions for that umbrella organization.

Matching Funds Program

The Matching Funds Program assists qualified organizations in commercializing qualified research or technologies and/or leveraging federal and private funds designated for commercialization. Target CRCF projects offer high potential for commercialization and economic benefit to Virginia. A one-to-one match is required.

Qualified applicants for the Matching Funds Program must be a:

  • Virginia public or private institution of higher education or its associated intellectual property foundation
  • Federal research facility located in Virginia
  • University research consortium that includes Virginia college and university member institutions
  • Other nonprofit research institution located in Virginia

Applications must leverage federal or private funding designated for commercialization and:

  • Be tied to expansion or commercialization activity in an existing program; or
  • Fulfill a matching funds requirement for proposals to non-Commonwealth of Virginia funding sources, to be submitted by March 31, 2017, and for which CIT must be notified within two (2) business days of the award decision; or
  • Be tied to projects for which awards from non-Commonwealth of Virginia funding sources have been made, but required matching funds have not been secured.

Organizations may submit up to four (4) Matching Funds Program LOIs/applications during this solicitation, and a Principal Investigator may submit up to two (2).

Award cap: $100,000

Eminent Researcher Recruitment Program

The Eminent Researcher Recruitment Program assists public institutions of higher education in the Commonwealth acquire or enhance research superiority in qualified technologies by supporting the recruitment of a top scholar to the faculty of that institution. A one-to-one match is required. Examples of how CRCF funds may be used include for start-up package support, supplies, equipment, or upgrades to the researcher's laboratory.

Qualified applicants for the Eminent Researcher Recruitment Program must be a:

  • Virginia public institution of higher education or its associated intellectual property foundation

The following are acceptable recruitment scenarios:

  • Candidate selected: the university has identified the candidate to hire and intends to make a formal offer
  • Multiple candidates under consideration: the university has identified multiple candidates for recruitment who would strengthen the university in similar ways
  • Candidate profiled: the university has detailed the profile of the candidate to be recruited

Organizations may submit up to one (1) Eminent Researcher Recruitment Program LOI/application during this solicitation.

Award cap: $250,000